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International Journal of

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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1,† Number 3,† May 2009

Issue on Electrical & Electronics

Page(s): 234-238

Sampling, Reconstruction and Sampling Rate Conversion of Band Limited Chirp Signals Using Fractional Fourier Transform Domain

†††††††††† †T.K. Sreeja and Davidson Kamaladhas

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The fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) is a very powerful tool for analyzing nonstationary††† signals such as chirps, with attractive applications in optics, signal processing etc. The purpose of this work is to derive new sampling formula to overcome the Shannon sampling theorem in the FRFT domain to sample and reconstruct chirp signals as well as sampling rate conversion, for the FRFT.Due to the invention of new sampling theorem a signal can potentially be sampled with a rate less than the Nyquist rate without aliasing of signalís FRFT.

Index Terms

Fractional Fourier transform (FRFT), New sampling theorem, Chirp signal, Shannon sampling theorem, Fourier Transform

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