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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 2, May 2009

Issue on Computer Science

Page(s): 26-29

Checkpointing Using Mobile Agents for Mobile Computing System

Chandreyee Chowdhury, Sarmistha Neogy

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Mobile computing systems often suffer from failures that are transient and independent in nature. To add reliability and high availability to such distributed systems, checkpoint based rollback recovery is one of the widely used techniques for applications such as scientific computing, database, telecommunication applications and more importantly mission critical applications. But control message based algorithms incur large overhead in network traffic. Hence to solve this problem and to address constraints like low bandwidth posed by wireless network, mobile agents may be used for efficiency. We present here a rollback recovery algorithm based on independent checkpointing and message logging. The novelty of the algorithm is that here mobile agents are used to manage the message logs and checkpoints. Also whenever a mobile node goes far away from its latest checkpoint the agents manage to move the checkpoint and message logs that are stored in distant Mobile Service Stations. Thus recovery time of a mobile node will never exceed a certain threshold. Logging of messages ensures that only one checkpoint is needed to be stored in persistent storage.

Index Terms

rollback recovery, mobile agent, checkpoint

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