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Recent Trends in Engineering

Comparison of SGA and RGA based Clustering Algorithm for Pattern Recognition

           Kumar Dhiraj, Santanu Kumar Rath


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An Improved Adaptive Median Filtering Method for Impulse Noise Detection

           Mamta Juneja, Rajni Mohana


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An Approach for Parallel Scheduling for Agile Co Scheduling

           R Brindha, P. Sengottuvelan, A. Shanmugam


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License Plate Localization from Vehicle Images: An Edge Based Multi-stage Approach

           Satadal Saha, Subhadip Basu, Mita Nasipuri, Dipak Kumar Basu


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An Approach for Admission Control and Bandwidth Allocation in Mobile Multimedia Network Using Fuzzy Logic

           M. Ravichandran, P. Sengottuvelan, A. Shanmugam


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AAS: An Authenticated Acknowledgement-Based Scheme for Preventing Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

           M. Gunasekaran, P. Sampath, B. Gopalakrishnan


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An Adaptive Energy Efficient MACProtocol: S-MAC, Its Performance Analysis and improvements

           Venkatesh, SH Manjula, Smitha Shekar B.


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Automated Detection Of Epileptic EEG Using Approximate Entropy In Elman Networks

           Srinath Vukkadala, Vijayalakshmi.S, and Vijayapriya.S


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A Novel Design of Service Oriented and Message Driven Middleware for Ambient Aware Wireless Sensor Network

           Kamlendu Pandey, S.V. Patel


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Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Logarithm Transform with Rescaled Low Frequency DCT Coefficients for Illumination Normalization

           Virendra P. Vishwakarma, Sujata Pandey and M. N. Gupta


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Comparison of DC Offset Effects on LMS Algorithm and its Derivatives

           Dilip Mali


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Noise Cancellation Using Adaptive Trilateral Filter

           Neha Jain


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Robust Digital Watermarking of Color Images under Noise attacks

           P.Ramana Reddy, Munaga .V.N.K.Prasad, D. Sreenivasa Rao


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Parallel Implementation of Task Scheduling using Ant Colony Optimization

           T. Vetri Selvan, Mrs. P. Chitra, P. Venkatesh


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A New Approach to Improve the Efficiency of Distributed Scheduling in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks

           S. Lakani, M. Fathy, and H. Ghaffarian


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A Fast Computational Genetic Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch

           M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu


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A Novel Trajectory Clustering technique for selecting cluster heads in Wireless Sensor Networks

           Hazarath Munaga, J.V.R. Murthy, and N.B.Venkateswarlu


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Raga Mining of Indian Music by Extracting Arohana-Avarohana Pattern

           Surendra Shetty and K.K. Achary


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Detecting Original Image Using Histogram, DFT and SVM

           T. H. Manjula Devi, H.S.Manjunatha Reddy, K. B. RajaVenugopal K. R and L. M. Patnaik


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Memory Efficient Mining of Maximal Itemsets using Order Preserving Generators

           R V Nataraj and S Selvan


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Optimal Streaming Protocol for VoD Using Clients' Residual Bandwidth

           R.Ashok Kumar, K.Hareesh, K.Ganesan, D.H Manjaiah


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A Preemption Control Approach for Energy Aware Fault Tolerant Real Time System

           Smriti Agrawal, Rama Shankar Yadav, Ranvijay


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Neural Network Based Switching Models for VLSI Design of ATM Networks

           R.Vijayakumar, Sushama. G


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Design Space Exploration of Mesh Based Network-on-Chip Architectures

           Rabindra K Jena, S. Pattnaik


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Fuzzy Filters to the Reduction of Impulse and Gaussian Noise in Gray and Color Images

           S.Arunkumar, Ravi Tej Akula, Rishabh Gupta, M.R.Vimala Devi


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Hybrid Adaptive Algorithm to Fast Distance Relaying

           S .G. Srivani and K. Panduranga Vittal


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Maximum Entropy Approach for Named Entity Recognition in Bengali and Hindi

           Mohammad Hasanuzzaman, Asif Ekbal and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay


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Chebyshev Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks for Denoising of Image Corrupted by Salt and Pepper Noise

           Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Ganpati Panda, Sukadev Meher


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Neuro-Fuzzy Based Clustering Approach For Content Based Image Retrieval Using 2D-Wavelet Transform

           V. Balamurugan and P. Anandhakumar


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Energy Consumption Optimization for Basic Arithmetic Circuits with Transistor Sizing Based on Genetic Algorithm

           M. Grailoo, T. Nikoubin, and K. Navi


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Novel DCT based watermarking scheme for digital images

           Neminath Hubballi, Kanyakumari D P


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Face recognition Using Sign Only Correlation

           Ganesh V. Bhat, K. K. Achary


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A Study of Crypt analysis Hash function

           A. Arul Lawrence Selvakumar, and C. Suresh Ganandhas,


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Applying Data mining using Statistical Techniques for Career Selection

           Sudheep Elayidom, Sumam Mary Idikkula, and Joseph Alexander


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Web of Trust: An approach towards Semantic based Social Networks

           G.Rayana Gouda, M.Srinivasa Rao and Akhilesh Soni


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Semantic Firewall: An Approach towards Autonomous Web Security in Service Oriented Environments

           G.Rayana Gouda, M.Srinivasa Rao and Akhilesh Soni


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Ant Colony Based QoS Routing Algorithm For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

           P.Deepalakshmi, S.Radhakrishnan


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Timing Analysis and Repeatability Issues of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking Application traffics in Large Scale Scenarios

           V.R. Sarma Dhulipala, RM.Chandrasekaran, and R.Prabakaran


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Achieving Optimal Contrast in Visual Cryptography Schemes without Pixel Expansion

           Thomas Monoth and Babu Anto P


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Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms For Detecting Network Intrusions

           Mrutyunjaya Panda and Manas Ranjan Patra


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Network Survivability for a Regular WDM Optical Network from Double-Link Failures Using Greedy Algorithm

           Kalamani.K, Palaniswami.S, and Nagarajan.N


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Semantic Role Labeling for Tamil Documents

           S. Lakshmana Pandian, T.V. Geetha


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Fuzzy Approach to Contingency Ranking

           Shobha Shankar, A. P. Suma, and T. Ananthapadmanabha


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Link Quality Estimated TCP for Wireless Sensor Networks

           R.S.Ponmagal, V.Ramachandran


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English to Tamil Transliteration using WEKA

           Vijaya MS, Ajith VP, Shivapratap G, and Soman KP


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Self-Generated-Certificate Based Cryptographic Protocol with Lite Certificate Management

           Mani Anand K P, Narayanasamy P, Dhana Sekar R, Santhosh Samuel D


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Pioneering the Technique for Invisible Image Watermarking on Color Image

           Soumik Das, Pradosh Bandyopadhyay, Shauvik Paul, Arindam SinhaRay & Monalisa            Banerjee


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File Location Management in Federated Computing Environments

           Chris Hard and Michael Sobolewski


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An autonomous level defense for DoS/DDoS attacks

           A. S. Malliga and B. A. Tamilarasi


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Analyzing the Impact of Population and Group Size in Nomadic Genetic Algorithm

           S. Siva Sathya, S.Kuppuswami, Vivek Ranjan


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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 1, May 2009

Issue on Computer Science


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