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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1,  Number 1,  May 2009

Issue on Computer Science

Page(s): 568-570

Encrypting Informative Image by Key Image using Hill Cipher Technique

           Ramchandra S. Mangrulkar, Pallavi V. Chavan

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In today’s digital world invisible ink and paper have been replaced by much more versatile and practical covers for hiding messages – digital documents, images, video, and audio files.  As long as an electronic document contains irrelevant or redundant information, it can be used as a “cover” to hide secret messages. Cryptography is the study of encoding and decoding secret messages. In the language of cryptography, codes are called the ciphers, encoded messages are called plaintext, and coded messages are called cipher text.  Cryptography has for long been an important issue in the realm of computers. It was mainly used for the security needed for passwords but now cryptography is very important due to the Internet's flow of sensitive information such as credit card information and other sensitive information which is fairly easy to monitor by unintended third hand parties. The idea behind enciphering a message is to make it worthless to everyone except for the party with the deciphering "key". In this paper we implement  Hill Cipher algorithm, for hiding our text behind the cover image and decrypt the cover image to get original text. The results are obtained by implementing our proposed technique in Matlab.

Index Terms

Hill Cipher, Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Matlab

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