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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 1, May 2009

Issue on Computer Science

Page(s): 349-356

A Fast Computational Genetic Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch

M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu

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This paper presents a Fast Genetic Algorithm (FGA) approach for solving Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) problem. GAs perform powerful global searches, but their long computation times limit them when solving large scale optimization problems. The present paper describes a method to overcome this limitation by starting with random solutions within the search space and narrowing down the search space by considering the minimum and maximum errors of the population members. Since the search space is restricted to a small region within the available search space, the algorithm works very fast. This feature of the algorithm is attractive when applied to ELD of large systems. The convergence of the algorithm can be expected with in one or two generations independent of size of the system. The results have been demonstrated for ELD of standard 3 generator, 6 generator, 20 generator and 38 generator systems with and without consideration of transmission system losses. In all the cases the Fast GA shows reliable convergence. The final results obtained using Fast GA are compared with conventional GA and found to be encouraging.

Index Terms

Economic dispatch, Genetic algorithms, Incremental fuel cost of generators, Optimal dispatch

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